[Forth] Gforth 0.7.0 available


いいね。がんばってるね。素晴しい。Unicode support とかもしてる。


  • depth-changes.fs: report stack depth changes during interpretation
  • regexp.fs for regular expressions (undocumented)
  • complex.fs for complex numbers (undocumented)
  • wf.fs, a Wiki implementation (undocumented)
  • httpd.fs, a web server (undocumented)
  • status.fs, show interpreter status in separate xterm (undocumented)

httpd ってのがすごいな。

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testblogger さんのコメント...

I have read your post: Muse で書いて Blogger にポストするプログラム, but the repository is not available now. can you help me? thank you very much!

Yoshinori Tahara さんのコメント...

Sorry. The repository is
darcs get http://li31-15.members.linode.com/darcs/blogger
and it depends on
darcs get http://li31-15.members.linode.com/darcs/quek

testblogger さんのコメント...

oh, thank you for your hard working, :)