Climacs に Switch To View Other Window と Find File Other Window を実装

勝手に github に fork して Climacs をいじることにしてみた。 McCLIM も github に勝手に fork した。

https://github.com/LaPingvino/Climacs もあるので、そのうち Pull Request できたらいいと思う。

Emacs の switch-to-buffer-other-window と find-file-other-window 相当を実装した。


;;; Commands for switching/find-file in other window

(define-command (com-switch-to-view-other-window :name t :command-table window-table)
((view 'view :default (or (cadr (views *application-frame*)) (any-view))))
"Prompt for a view name and switch to that view in other window.
If the a view with that name does not exist, create a buffer-view
with the name and switch to it. Uses the name of the next
view (if any) as a default."

(when (= 1 (length (windows *application-frame*)))
(com-split-window-horizontally t))
(com-switch-to-view view))

(set-key `(com-switch-to-view-other-window ,*unsupplied-argument-marker*)
'((#\x :control) (#\4) (#\b)))

(define-command (com-find-file-other-window :name t :command-table window-table)
((filepath 'pathname
:prompt "Find File in other window: "
:prompt-mode :raw
:default (esa-io::directory-of-current-buffer)
:default-type 'pathname
:insert-default t))
"Prompt for a filename then edit that file in other window.
If a buffer is already visiting that file, switch to that
buffer. Does not create a file if the filename given does not
name an existing file."

(when (= 1 (length (windows *application-frame*)))
(com-split-window-horizontally t))
(esa-io:com-find-file filepath))

(set-key `(com-find-file-other-window ,*unsupplied-argument-marker*)
'((#\x :control) (#\4) (#\f)))

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